Scrap Recycling


Recycling in todays world is very essential if we want our future generations to live in a clean environment and a beautiful planet. In a small effort to help keep our planet clean and our future bright, we are making it certain that we move all our scrap metal, scrap plastic and scrap paper to their proper processing places, either at home or overseas. We deal in items listed below, should you have any question in regards to processing of these items please feel free to contact us and we be glad to explain it for you.


Metal Scrap

Ferrous Metals:

Heavy Melting Scrap or HMS

Shredded Steel Scrap or ISRI 210-211

Cast Iron Scrap

Non-Ferrous Metals:

Copper Scrap

Electric Motor Scrap or ELMO for copper recovery

Compressor scrap or Sealed Units Scrap for Copper recovery

Alternator Scrap for copper recovery

Starter Scrap for copper recovery

Shredder pickings or Metal Balls or SHELMO for copper recovery

A/C Compressor Scrap for copper recovery

aluminum Scrap:

Zorba 90% to 95%

Old Sheet

Irony AL 50% recovery of Aluminum

Old sheet



Platic Scrap:

LDPE Film Scrap




PP, PP super Sacks



Paper Scrap:

Shredded Paper

OCC 11

Heavy Print

Light Print

SBS Sheets


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